Employee fraud is costly and common. We can help protect your business from fraud.

Employee dishonesty is costly and common:

Employee fraud is more common than most business owners want to believe. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

• An estimated 5% of overall business revenues are lost as a result of occupational fraud and abuse.

why are small businesses so vulnerable to fraud?

Lack of Financial Expertise - a small business owner generally has abundant technical skills and people skills, but rarely does he or she have the financial expertise to run a business.

Opportunity, Pressure and Rationalization - There are bad people who commit fraud, but more often it is a good person who has found him or herself in a situation that spiraled beyond control.

• Small businesses often rely on one person to complete all their accounting transactions from beginning to end, and this is often where the problems begin.

• Lack of controls in place to prevent it.

we can help protect your business from employee fraud

Detecting fraud is important. Of course, preventing fraud before it ever happens is more appealing. There is no guaranteed way to prevent all fraud, but you can certainly create a culture that is hostile to fraud.

We will assist you in setting up proven & effective systems in your office in order to detect and prevent fraud. By minimizing your risk, you will secure & increase your bottom line.

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA):

• "Most successful embezzlement schemes would have failed if inventory and accounting records were organized and up to date. If records are always behind and the work is sloppy, theft will be much harder to detect."

Good internal controls are the best deterrent to fraud. Do you have checks and balances in place?